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Simple Ramblings

of a simple girl

28 October 1987
I'm your average twenty-one year old
♥Is tattooed and pierced
♥Loves animals
♥Enjoys music
♥Lives life
♥Gets confused
♥Falls in love
♥Has had her heart broken
♥Thinks about others before herself
♥Misses her family
♥Loves RL journals as well as blogs
♥Has a crazy love for octopuses
♥Goes to college
♥Plays video games
♥Reads like crazy
♥Enjoys baking
♥Likes making people smile
♥Can have a bad temper
♥Will chat on AIM with people(!)
♥Loves Halloween way too much
♥Would rather spend her money on books/video games than clothes
♥Is a tomboy
♥More than likes the color purple
♥Uses Twitter to update
♥Has an obsession with Alice in Wonderland
♥Collects pens and notebooks
♥Has two stupid phobias that she is embarrassed about
♥Shops at www.thinkgeek.com
♥Likes Mojitos a little too much. (And way too much rum)

Want to know anything else? ;D Just let me know!

Want my AIM s/n? Leave a comment! :D (or my MSN)
I don't bite, but I may be a little shy :P

OH. And I like collars (ok, maybe I love them) And I get great custom ones from: